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Insurance Claim/DRP at camino-capistrano

Customers have trusted Maaco located at 27592 Camino Capistrano to help make repairs affordable for many years. You may save more by paying out-of-pocket for repairs, depending on the degree of damage to your car and the amount of your deductible. Conveniently enough, Maaco works with all major insurance carriers.

We can help coordinate with the insurance companies that are involved, make an inspection appointment for your vehicle and find you a rental car to use while we perform the repairs. Our repair jobs are of the utmost quality. To restore your vehicle to its former glory, we use original manufacturer parts, factory specs and expert assembly.

Insurance Claims

Maaco located at 27592 Camino Capistrano, will help you handle the claim and supplements directly with your insurance agent in an effort to expedite the process. We know it's important to get you and your car back on the road. We also know that accidents do more than damage your vehicle.

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Maaco Laguna Niguel

27592 Camino Capistrano Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
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