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6 Easy Car Cleaning Tips This Summer

Summer is a great time to be outdoors. But whether you’re driving to vacation spots or the beach, or just using your car a lot in the sun and heat, its exterior can get caked in dirt, dust, pollen, and grime before you know it. Don’t panic—just check out these car cleaning tips so the paint will continue looking new all summer long.

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A Guide to What Causes Rust on Cars [And How to Fix It]

If you’ve owned a car for a while, you might have already felt the heartbreak of seeing your once-shiny vehicle develop unsightly patches of rust. Rusting is an all-too-common problem that can appear all over the vehicle—on the exterior, chassis, rims, and other metal parts. Understanding what causes rust on cars is essential for keeping your vehicle in shape. But what causes cars to rust? How does rust form on cars, and more importantly, how can you prevent it? We’ll delve into all these questions, providing comprehensive answers for every concerned car owner.

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