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Maaco Video Transcription

Introductory MusicMaaco logo appears on screen
Music continuesCollage of car sanding clips shown
Voiceover: "What's the importance of surface repair?"Text appears on screen: "What's the importance of surface repair?"
Voiceover: "You know those chips, scratches, cracks and excessive peeling on your vehicle?"Photo sequence and text appears on screen to provide visual examples of chips, scratches, cracks and peeling.
Voiceover: "If left untreated and exposed to the elements over time, such damage will get progressively worse. Let's take a look."Image of blue car mirror comes on-screen.
Voiceover: "Early on, fine cracks called micro-checking begin to appear on the surface. A few years later, cracking starts to penetrate the top coat. Before long, your paint begins to peel down to the bare metal, ultimately ruining your paint job."Blue visual chart of micro-checking, cracking and peeling on-screen with corresponding section titles.
Voiceover: "At Maaco, our estimators examine your vehicle and suggest condition repairs, and we offer affordable surface prep options that ensure your Maacover looks great."Maaco estimator and female customer shown walking around blue sedan for estimate process.
Voiceover: "Our most basic light chip and scratch repair option eliminates most chips and scratches caused by normal wear and tear."Maaco employee shown beginning light chip and scratch repair process with wheel sander on black car. Respective text title block shown below.
Voiceover: "More extreme conditions may require the excessive chip and scratch repair option. This includes extra sanding to remove heavy chipping in areas such as header panel, hood and behind wheel openings."Different Maaco employee shown using power sander during excessive chip and scratch repair process. Respective text title block shown below.
Voiceover: "For paint failures such as cracking, delaminating or peeling, we recommend our paint removal option, stripping your vehicle down to the bare metal."Maaco employee shown stripping paint down to metal with wheel sander.
Voiceover: "A little surface repair before the paint goes on can ensure it holds that gloss and shine for years to come."Newly painted, gloss black SUV shown rolling through lighted paint booth. Video transitions to two females in gloss black convertible driving in summer sun.
Closing music and typing soundsText appears on new screen with white background: "It's time for a #MAACOVER"
Creaking metal and spray paint soundsCrumpled Maaco logo appears on screen, bending out to be un-crumpled
Voiceover: "Maaco, America's Bodyshop"Fully "fixed" Maaco logo on screen, which then fades to black