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Maaco Video Transcription

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"Let's say your vehicle needs only 1 or 2 panels paintedZoom in close to vehicle's side bumper with scratch
Rather than going through a full paint job, consider spot painting instead. But getting the match just right, varies based on age and condition of your vehicle's finishCar being painted by employee with paint sprayer, going back and forth
At MaacoGraphic: "Maaco's spot Paint Procedure"
we ensure quality repair of damaged areas and precise color matching to the existing surfaceGraphic "Quality repair on right side, then other side says: Precise color matching"
First we prep areas in need of refinishing and then clean and prepare adjacent panels for blendingVehicle with guy sanding supported by page title with text: Prep & Clean
Next comes the masking. This helps protects the undamaged areas of your vehicle's finishVehicle with guys placing tape on the car
Now it's time to step inside the paint booth where we conduct a multi-step application process. This ensures quality blending of the new and old finishes. In most cases, this involves a clear coat to ensure the best color match and durabilityVehicle is now in the paint booth, with the employee having the paint spray, painting the vehicle's single panel
At Maaco, we help bring it all together in the end for one seamless shineZoom out of shiny, freshly painted, black vehicle
Graphic: "it's time for a" then in blue text:" #MAACOVER" typing each letter out
Maaco America's BodyshopGraphic: Maaco Logo