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Paintless Dent Removal

auto paintless dent repair

With vehicle ownership, there’s no such thing as just a dent. Even small dents can lead to big problems. Think of paintless dent repair as your protection against more costly repairs down the road. Take pride in your ride, get an online estimate , and schedule a paintless dent repair appointment today.

Paintless dent repair faq's

What is paintless dent repair?

Sometimes called paintless dent removal, PDR is an inexpensive way to correct imperfections and make your vehicle look like new. As its name suggests, PDR is a specialized technique for repairing dents without using paint. These paintless fixes begin with a professional assessment, and may require the damaged panel to be removed for a thorough examination.

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

Several factors may affect how much paintless dent repair costs. These include the extent of the damage, size, and depth of the dents. At Maaco, we take pride in our work, and if your cosmetic needs require more complicated procedures like auto painting or collision repairs, Maaco can estimate the costs for those services as well. We proudly offer a Best Price Guarantee to beat the cost of any competitor.

How is paintless dent repair work done?

The process usually involves gently resisting the dent from the other side of the panel. This includes patiently tapping the dent out using specialized tools. The process also includes tapping from the outside — back and forth — for a perfectly smooth finish. After the dent is flattened, there may be some need to buff minimal scrapes and scratches.

What kinds of surface damage can be repaired using paintless dent repair (PDR)?

PDR is a quick and inexpensive way to repair your vehicle’s aluminum or steel panels and is perfect for those annoying little dents life throws at your car or truck. Some examples include that sneaky shopping cart with the wobbly wheel that suddenly swerves into your door, unexpected ‘homework’ from your teenager’s first parallel parking lesson, or those instant craters that come from sudden summer hailstorms.

Why choose paintless dent repair over traditional types of dent repair?

In a word, effort. PDR requires less time and materials — which means savings. Plus, depending on the way your car got dinged, some insurance companies won’t hit you with a deductible. Be sure to check your policy and work with your local Maaco shop for the right type of service for you.

How long does paintless dent repair take?

Well that depends on the amount of damage and who is doing the work. Professional PDR is typically a quick job, around an hour, but be sure to consult with your local Maaco professionals first. If there are multiple dents, it could take hours to days before the work is complete. Ask your neighborhood Maaco professional for further insights or consult our estimate tool for potential costs.
You may be tempted to DIY your PDR, especially seeing how easy some online videos make it look. Be warned. Going too hard too soon can make the damage worse. Professional services at local Maaco shops may cost less than the tools required for the repairs.
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Maaco Certified

Our Maaco Certified centers are the "best of the best." These centers are distinguished for their quality of work in both auto painting and body repairs. Certified centers have to pass a rigorous certification process annually that is a comprehensive review of their business and repair services.

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I-CAR Gold Class Certification is an independent third-party certification process that is quite literally the gold standard for collision repair. I-CAR Gold centers are extensively trained in the latest tools and technologies of the trade.