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Comprehensive Bumper Installation & Paint

Damage to your bumpers can compromise the safety of you and your passengers. Have your bumpers been damaged? Maaco can replace car and truck bumpers that are no longer safe, and repair damaged bumpers while seamlessly matching the color of the bumper paint.

Bumper repair replacement install front rear

How much is bumper paint or replacement?

Bumper replacement cost will vary based on the vehicle you drive and the bumper installation necessary. Factors like its age and what the bumper’s made from affect the price. As for repair, the amount of damage determines what is required to repair and install it. Repairs range from light painting to comprehensive collision repair. Other important factors include whether you’re repairing car or truck bumpers, and whether you’re repairing the front or rear bumper. Please visit our online estimator to understand more about what your repair will cost. With Maaco’s Best Price Guarantee — our promise to beat any competitor — you’re guaranteed the best work for the best price.

Can bumper cracks be repaired?

Even small cracks can have big consequences. Any compromise to the integrity of your bumper is risky, so we’ll begin by determining where the crack is and the extent of the damage. For instance, if one of the hooks within your rear or front bumper is at all damaged, you need to replace the whole bumper. Our trained experts can assess the damage and determine your best options for repair, whether it’s front bumper replacement, rear bumper or both.

Bumper repair versus replacement – what’s the difference?

Damage to your bumper may well compromise its ability to disperse impact, which is why replacement is usually the safest choice. Your local Maaco expert reviews the damage to ensure structural integrity and assesses whether the bumper should be repaired or replaced. Some options, including aftermarket pieces, could make a complete replacement more affordable. However, if your car’s a vintage model with parts that are hard to find, then repair may be your only option.

Why repair a front or rear bumper?

Bumpers exist to protect you and the passengers in your vehicle. If your bumper has any damage, its ability to protect you all is compromised. So fixing it is a matter of safety. Repairing a damaged bumper can also improve the value of your vehicle. If yours is a modern plastic bumper and the damage is minor — like a scratch or a small dent — it’s fairly easy to repair. On the other hand, if you drive an old or vintage vehicle, you probably need a specialist. Talk to the pros at your local Maaco shop to learn more.

Can you repair bumper damage?

Yes, you can and should repair a damaged bumper. For one thing, it’s a matter of safety and, in some places, it’s the law. But it’s also an inexpensive upgrade to your car that you’ll also love seeing. A damaged bumper is as hard to hide as a bad haircut, and as important for you to fix as a broken tooth.

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Maaco Certified

Our Maaco Certified centers are the "best of the best." These centers are distinguished for their quality of work in both auto painting and body repairs. Certified centers have to pass a rigorous certification process annually that is a comprehensive review of their business and repair services.

I-CAR Gold Certified

I-CAR Gold Class Certification is an independent third-party certification process that is quite literally the gold standard for collision repair. I-CAR Gold centers are extensively trained in the latest tools and technologies of the trade.