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Maaco Video Transcription

Introductory MusicMaaco logo
Voiceover: "Are you familiar with the phrase most metal has a memory?"Text appears on screen: "Most Metal Has A Memory"
Voiceover continues: "Quite simply, this means most metal on your vehicle can be brought back to it's pre-accident condition given the right amount of work."Maaco employee shown grinding damaged rear door of burgundy sedan.
Voiceover: "How do we ensure your vehicle is a candidate for repair?"Text appears on new screen with white background: "How Do We Ensure Your Vehicle is a Candidate for Repair?"
Voiceover: "Before each job, we conduct a thorough vehicle inspection and we'll proceed if we determine we can bring it back to pre-accident condition based on ..."Camera shows damage to rear sedan door
Voiceover continues previous statement: "... safety, function and appearance."Text and check boxes appear on new screen with white background: "Safety, Function, Appearance"
Voiceover: "Now our highly skilled technicians get to work repairing your vehicle."Maaco technician shown smoothing the bare metal on affected damaged area
Voiceover: "Our precision techniques and industry-standard equipment help us shape affected areas back to their original form."Maaco technician shown using a dent puller tool to remove the dent and bending metal back to it's original shape
Voiceover: "And now, the only thing that remains is a memory of that unsightly damage."Newly painted and repaired red truck appears on screen with Maaco employee grinding in background
Closing music and typing soundsText appears on new screen with white background: "It's time for a #MAACOVER"
Creaking metal and spray paint soundsCrumpled Maaco logo appears on screen, bending out to be un-crumpled
Voiceover: "Maaco, America's Bodyshop"Fully "fixed" Maaco logo on screen, which then fades to black