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MAACO App Now Available for iOS

Charlotte, NC June 24, 2014 – Maaco, North America's Largest Automotive Paint and Bodyshop, announces the release of its new iphone app now available on the App Store. The app offers an interactive repair experience by allowing drivers a chance to ding, dent, scratch and paint a 3-D model of their personal vehicle.

The Maaco app, also, features a hassle-free appointment scheduler and center locator to make it easy to turn the car you drive back into the car you love. The app leverages the vehicle identification number (VIN) to provide to-spec 3-D depictions of the user's vehicle. Drivers can also take photos of their car to send to a local center.

Another key feature of the Maaco app is the advanced paint color selector. The feature gives drivers a wide variety of custom colors to choose from for a new paint job. The app allows users to take a picture of any color to paint their model car. The center can use this to prepare paint color to color-match the pre-selected shade.

"This app is the very first step for Maaco in leveraging mobile technology to make the estimate and repair process a lot easier for drivers. Moving forward, the app will allow drivers to obtain digital estimates, track the status of their repair process among other functionality with the ultimate goal of making the MAACOVER process easy, affordable and reliable" says Artemio Garza, CMO of MAACO.

The user-friendly design of the application turns auto painting and collision repair into a personalized, interactive, and enjoyable experience. Android version will be available soon. Available for download here: Itunes App.

For more information on Maaco Franchise, LLC, or the Maaco App, please feel free to contact Tyeisha Crutchfield at 704-444-8208.