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Maaco Video Transcription

Background rock MusicLogo on white background "Maaco America's Bodyshop"
"Ever wondered what it feels like to go platinum?"Blue text on white background, "Ever wondered what it feels like to go platinum?"
"Its that feeling of pure perfection"Visual of red car - with pan from front to back.
"with brilliance and shineVisual of orange vintage car with pan from front to back
that people cannot help but noticeVisual of blue crossover vehicle with pan from front to back
At Maaco that comes when we combine top of the line body and paint services and deliver you our platinum serviceBlue Text on white, "Body Services" above line with "Paint Services" below.
Here is what to expect:Both "Body Services" and "Paint Services" merge into the line and "Platinum Package" appears in blue box
Meticulous body work that eliminates chips, scratches and other imperfectionsClose-up shot of bodywork being done on blue car, with sanding by Maaco employee
A paint job that provides brilliant color match through our best urethane base coat with our top of the line Urethane clear coatClose-up shot of painter with paint gun spraying paint onto vehicle. White border on bottom of video with "#Maacover" and Maaco logo. "Premium Urethane Base Coat" appears at bottom of screen that then switches to "Performance Urethane Clear coat" during action of shot.
and color sanding and polishing creates that smooth textured finish that makes it all truly shineClose-up shot of Maaco employee buffing paint job with mask and eye protection on grey crossover vehicle. White border on bottom of video with "#Maacover" and Maaco logo
Of course every platinum package needs a platinum guarantee, which is why the platinum package comes with a five year gloss warrantyClose-up shot of Maaco employee budding black vehicle. With "5-Year Gloss Warranty" appearing in white text over the video.
Now that's what it feels like to go Platinum and there is nothing else quite like it.Screen fade and burst into Black glossy "Cadillac" car - with close up shot and then zoom out to show Maaco employee in red with cloth wiping down car from behind. Maaco logo appears in the background of the shot.
Typing"It's time for a....." in grey with blue "#M - A - A - C - O - V - E - R" being typed out. On white background.
Banging noises as logo builds into focus. Maaco. America's Body ShopMaaco logo crumpled up in silver and being changed to be buffed out and repaired as full color logo.