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Maaco Video Transcription

On screen: "As we honor the American heroes who risk their lives to protect our freedom ..."Fades from black; rolling American flag in background; dramatic piano music playing; Maaco logo appears in bottom right corner
On screen: "this Veteran's Day, we also celebrate the story of a Chevy Impala that brought new life to a wounded soldier."Rolling American flag continues as text visually changes
David Inks (father): "Dear Ben, You left home to serve in the Army where you are deployed to 'take out the trash' in Afghanistan. Busted up by an IED, we got your call. Wrenched parental hearts cried to God: Our Ben, confined to bed with broken bones, bruises and steel. I asked if you'd like me to start restoring the '67 Impala to duplicate the one in that weird program you like so much, Supernatural. Now here's the story of a flinty soldier, a father's salute and the Impala laced with the supernatural."In dramatic post-shadowing scene, David Inks sitting at table in his home, surrounded by contemporary furniture and tulips on the table, writing a letter to his son. Camera pans to get different angles of his letter writing. Fades to black as narration ends.
David Inks: "He was the driver of an MRAT. Somebody had planted an IED on the road and he hit it. The bomb picked up the entire truck; the truck was on fire and burning and guys were scrambling to get out of it and he was the last man out." Video fades to photograph of blown up military transportation vehicle
David: "He said it was the most painful thing he's ever done."Photo fades to in-person interview with David Inks.
David: "He got his back broke in four places ..."Interview fades to photo of son's back post-spinal surgery with long scar
David: "... calcaneus fracture in one foot, the other foot was mangled."Photos fade to show damage foot
David: "But he was alive, and I was very glad to hear that."photo of David and his son in the hospital room
Ben Inks: "When I came back from Afghanistan, I was in a wheel chair, back brace and two broken heels and I was pretty down in the dumps."Screen moves to show online video chat interview of Ben Inks
Ben: "And he suggested the idea of rebuilding this car to me"Fades to show picture of cream white Chevy Impala
Ben: "Cause not only was I struggling physically from my tour in Afghanistan, but internally I was pretty beaten up as well. He saw that and wanted to do something for me and work on work on something together to motivate and strengthen me throughout my rehabilitation process."Fades to photos of Ben working on the car during restoration process
Ben: "After 14 months of working on this car, we were there. Mechanically, it was sound. It was all stripped down and primed. We just needed the paint."Photos showing prepped car and engine bay
Ben: "So we took it to Maaco, and it was like night and day, turning on a light bulb, they did such a tremendous job."Fades to panning shot of Maaco center in his town with newly painted black Impala parked in front of building
Ben: "The car went in there this primed, dull rust bucket, and it came out beautiful. We wanted it black and it came out shiny and flawless and complete .."Panning shot fades to photograph of newly painted Impala sitting in front of Ben's home
Ben: "... and all we had to do was put the chrome on and the job was finally done."Photos fade back to online video interview of Ben
David: "The car became a project for us, to be able to say 'Here's something we can do together, positively to build together' and I think at the end of the day, it was a great way to say, you know, we're coming out on top, we're coming out as winners."Back to interview of David in person, in garage with car.
Ben: "Since completing the car and having it painted by Maaco, my dad gets compliments driving down the road every day of the week. I actually had the car as a backdrop for my wedding photos, just because of the memories I shared with my dad. It's an experience I'll never forget."Screen fades to white momentarily, then back to Ben's online video interview, then fades to photos of Ben and his wife during their wedding photoshoot.
David: "This car kind of blends together as a statement of service to our country as well as a statement of the relationship that I have with him, as a father to a son, as a father who not only appreciates what my son has done in service but the kind of son - my boy - has become to be as a real man."Back to interview of David in person, in garage with car.
On screen text: "To our heroes ... We salute you on Veterans Day"Screen fades to rolling American flag; music playing
On screen: "It's time for a #MAACOVER"Screen fades to white; typing sounds
Narrator: "Maaco, America's Bodyshop"Screen scrolls up, still white background. Crumpled Maaco logo appears, then animates itself into uncrumpled and freshly painted logo