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Maaco Video Transcription

MusicGraphic: Maaco Logo
Dust. Lint. DirtVehicle's bumper that's very dull in color and dirty with words popping out, Dust. Lint. Dirt
At Maaco, our commitment to perfection and your repair job Employee is taking the shine machinery to the car to buff and shine the color of the car
Means that we never let such imperfection stand in the wayFading to the employee taking a car cloth and hand shining the vehicle's hood
As part of the spot painting process to your repair job, comes our standard finishing workDifferent angles of vehicle getting shined up
It's our quality procedure that helps sand, buff, and polish away those little imperfectionsEmployee walking towards freshly painted car and polishing the last bits
It starts with 1 wet sanding spread evenly over the area and then smoothed outZoomed in hand is washing the vehicle with title page at the bottom text: Step 1 Wet sanding
Next, we carefully buff the area while using a liquid compoundZoomed in hand while it's applying a bottle of liquid compound to the car with title page across the bottom part of the screen- text: Step 2 Buffing
Then, it's on the polishing. A critical step in restoring that shined your paint and clearcoat and getting that damaged area looking good as newZoomed in hand while using machinery tool to polish the vehicle with title page across the bottom part of the screen- text: Step 3 Polishing
It's with our finishing process that your spot painting process is truly finishedZoomed out image of vehicle, freshly polished and shiny black
Graphic: "it's time for a" then in blue text:" #MAACOVER" typing each letter out
Maaco America's BodyshopGraphic: Maaco Logo