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Maaco Video Transcription

Faye: I'm going to pick up my car from Maaco where I just had it painted, and I'm so excited!Close in shot of Faye speaking to the camera in a residential area, giving testimonial. Very excited and animated
Faye: This car, like, really means alot to me. And now, finally she's going to be all one color. Nice and clean, and glossy, and beautiful, and I'm so excited to see her.Camera continues to focus on Faye while she explains her emotional response to picking up her vehicle
Faye LaughsFaye and man in car driving to Maaco in order to pick up vehicle. Camera focuses in on Faye from below.
  • Faye: Find the best parking spot, the farthest away so we can spend the most time walking there.
  • Faye gasps in excitement
  • Man Laughs
  • Faye: No, there she is! She's on the other side of that truck. She's on the other side of that huge truck. Look at her. Look at her.
  • Faye: Holy woah, ok. You can... this is (laugh)
  • Man: Can I park here?
  • Faye: There she is, she was hiding
While in car, camera continues to focus on Faye talking and laughing along with man. Faye puts hand up to her face anxiously with excitement.
Camera follows Faye as she exits the vehicle and walks through the Maaco parking lot to her vehicle. Faye expresses excitement.
Faye: Yea she does, she does look brand new. Can you believe this is a 1980?Camera pans to the front of Faye as she is looking at her vehicle satisfied. Faye then walks over and speak to camera.
Faye: I am so stoked right now. You have no idea.Faye takes one last look at the driver's side of her vehicle and then turns to speaks to camera, detailing her excitement. Turns back towards vehicle and laughs.
Crushed 3D Maaco logo forms into clean 'America's Bodyshop' logo
America's Bodyshop' logo along with 'Turn the car you drive, back into the car you love.'