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Maaco Video Transcription

Dave: I've decided to take a 2000 Ford F-250 quad cab down for some TLC. Looking forward to seeing it. I've heard good things about the shop. So I will let you know.Camera focuses on close up of Dave in his car. Super 'Dave, Portland, Oregon'
Dave: I'm here with Brian and Lou. they're going to take me on out and look at the truck.Screen transitions to the inside of a shop with a first person view of two men.
Dave: So here is the truck. And I've got to tell you, this looks fantastic!Camera switches to outside shot of Lou holding an umbrella walking towards F-250 quad cab truck.
Dave: It turned out great!Camera switches to the side of the truck looking toward passenger side mirror.
Lou: You can't see where it's fixed right?Camera switches to Lou and Dave standing on the right side of the truck.
Dave: Nope it's fantastic!
Dave: I'm glad that I called you guys to see. It's better than I expected!Camera switches to Dave standing outside of his newly painted truck.
Lou: Perfect!Camera pans over to Lou shaking hands with Dave.
Dave: Alright sounds good!Camera pans over to Dave standing outside of his car
Paint can spray soundsScreen transitions to MAACO America's Bodyshop logo. Super 'Turn the car you drive back into the car you love.'