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Maaco Silver Spring Showcases Industry Opportunities at Local High School Job Fair

Montgomery Blair High School in Montgomery County, Maryland recently hosted its annual job fair, highlighting the different opportunities for students after high school as they look to embark on their next chapter.

Local auto body repair business, Maaco Silver Spring, participated in the event. Joe Lloyd, shop manager, represented the locally owned family business that has been serving the community since 1985. The team highlighted the wealth of opportunities within the industry as well as the growing earning potential.

“We had an amazing time introducing ourselves and the business to these students, because not everyone knows the extent of opportunities within our industry,” said Joe Lloyd, shop manager, Maaco Silver Spring. “There were a lot of students interested and we were excited to see such incredible potential from these young leaders.”

Lloyd attended the career fair to introduce Maaco to the students and find future employees who want to explore a career in the auto body repair field.

“Not all students excel in the classroom, so to know there are other opportunities out there is very encouraging,” continued Lloyd. “We even received a phone call from one of the students interested in a job from the career fair.”

Lloyd found the event to be a huge success and has already been asked by the high school to come back for the spring job fair in April 2022.