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April 01, 2021

New Grandmother Received Refurbished Vehicle from Local Businesses

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Maaco Hazelwood, Maaco Kirkwood, and Maaco St. Louis, along with Auto World, Keystone, Sherwin Williams, and the Art Institute of St. Louis all teamed up to refurbish a vehicle and donate to a local woman, whose daughter recently passed away.

The massive donation will directly affect a new grandmother, whose grandson was born just weeks before her daughter’s passing.

“Our greater St. Louis community has demonstrated incredible resolve during this challenging year, and it is because we all work together to support one another in times of need,” says Marie Colabello, owner, Maaco Hazelwood. “We’re thankful to have such wonderful small business partners in our community, who can help make initiatives like this come to life.”

Maaco Hazelwood completed all body repairs to the car and also donated a car seat for the child; Maaco Kirkwood and Maaco St. Louis donated items to help support the newborn including diapers, baby wipes, clothes and more; Auto World completed all the mechanical repairs on the vehicle; Keystone donated parts for the collision repairs on the car; Sherwin Williams donated paint for the vehicle, and the Art Institute of St. Louis donated the vehicle itself.

“This new grandmother is responsible for raising her grandson, so we hope a reliable vehicle along with the added donations, will make this transition a little easier," continues Colabello. “It was a pleasure to be a part of this donation to a very deserving family."