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How to Find Your Car’s Paint Code for a Perfect Match & 3 Color Matching Tips

February 13th, 2024 |

Where to Find the Paint Code for Your Car

Car color codes are most easily found on your vehicle information sticker, usually located on your dash, in the trunk, or inside your door jamb. This sticker contains all sorts of valuable information about your vehicle, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), tire type and ideal pressure, max load capacity, and, of course, your car’s paint code.

The color code is usually labeled Ext Pt. or C. It’s either a mix of letters and numbers or simply a string of numbers.

Can You Find the Car Paint Code with the VIN Number?

It’s possible. If you can’t find the sticker or identify the necessary information, you may be able to use your VIN to get the information you need. Try calling your local dealership with the VIN; they should be able to look up your paint code in their database. Some websites may be able to take the VIN and give you the code.

3 Tips for Color Matching

What if you can’t find the color code or your vehicle was repainted at some point? You’re not entirely out of luck. Try these options.

Bring a Photo to a Custom Mixer

You’ll want to follow some basic steps to ensure your photo is as accurate as possible. Wash your car well, and aim to take the picture under natural lighting to avoid a glare. Even in the best conditions, however, you’re unlikely to find a custom paint mixer willing to make any guarantees based on a photo. They’ll do their best, but the match may not be exact.

Search Your Year, Make, and Model

This one won’t help if your car was professionally repainted. However, if it still has the original paint job, you should be able to go to an online database with basic information like the make and model year to acquire the car’s color code. Hopefully, there weren’t different shades of the same color produced for that specific model that year, or if there were, they might be different enough that you can pick your shade between the two.

Ask Our Quality-Assured Experts

When in doubt, ask our experts! There are many considerations that go into finding the perfect color match and you can trust in our quality-driven experts to restore or refresh your ride as needed. Factors such as the size of the vehicle area needing a paint match, the condition of existing paint on the vehicle, residual gloss or shine on the vehicle, and whether metallics or additives are needed for an exact paint match can all affect the process.

When seeking out multiple opinions on the best color match, it’s important to note that color naming systems and specific paint offerings may differ with each location. If you’re searching for your perfect paint match, explore our basic, preferred, and premium paint services today.

Turn to Maaco for a Free Estimate

When it’s time to get your paint job retouched, or you need body work, visit your nearest Maaco. We have the expertise to get your car looking great once again, and we’ll do it at a fair price. Use our online estimator tool to get an idea of what it would cost to paint your vehicle.

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