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Don't Hack it with These TikTok Hacks

January 9th, 2024 |

Don’t Hack it with These TikTok “Hacks”

It can be tempting to turn to online trends or tips and tricks when looking for a quick fix for winter Uh-Ohs, but we recommend leaving the real body work to the experts. Keep reading for a look at some trending hacks that may do more harm than good in safeguarding the longevity of your vehicle.

Don’t Blow It with a Quick Fix

A leaf blower may seem like an innovative way to remove snow from your car, but the reality is that you may be causing unnecessary scratches on your ride. Falling heavy clumps of snow can scratch the exterior of your vehicle as they fall, leaving behind another winter Uh-Oh to deal with. If falling snow has left your vehicle scratched, see the snowy silver lining with a free estimate at your local shop.

Hot & Cold

Defrosting your ride when it turns into an ice box is no one’s favorite winter task. You may be tempted to seek out a quick fix like using hot water to melt the ice, but beware! Using hot water to defrost your windows or headlights can lead to undesirable cracks caused by the sudden change in temperature. Even a hairline crack in a headlight can let excess water into the headlight, leading to internal damage that can render the unit useless. If this hack has left your ride cracked, it might be time to visit a participating shop to learn more about headlight restoration.

Sanitize Hands, Not Handles!

This one may seem obvious, but hand sanitizer is for hands not handles! One of the latest trends is using hand sanitizer as a makeshift de-icer, but did you know hand sanitizer can ruin your paint? The alcohol content in hand sanitizer can remove the protective wax or seal covering the paint finish of your vehicle, exposing it to the harsh winter elements. If possible, give yourself enough time to defrost your ride before heading to your final destination to avoid unnecessary paint damage from “hacks” like using hand sanitizer as a deicer.

When in Doubt, Leave it to the Experts!

At the end of the day, some internet trends are just better in theory! From dents to dings, paint scratches to collision damage, and a variety of services in between, trust your local Maaco experts to transform your winter Uh-Ohs into Oh-Yeahs. Give yourself the gift of a free estimate today or browse locations to find the shop nearest to you.

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