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Cars and Coffee Combine to Celebrate “National Coffee Day”

Maaco Peoria is proud to celebrate “National Coffee Day,” through its support of its local Cars and Coffee event.

This is the first year Maaco Peoria has sponsored Central Illinois Cars and Coffee, a monthly gathering of car enthusiasts who get together to enjoy a cup of coffee as they talk shop and admire the vehicles around them.

“We average around 550 cars at these events plus there is always thousands of spectators coming out to marvel at the vehicles,” says Robert Pohl, owner, Maaco Peoria. “It’s great to wake up early and have somewhere to go enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and gather with other car enthusiasts while showing off the hard work I put into my vintage Cadillac.”

Maaco Peoria has been a part of the community for almost a decade and has built a longstanding reputation in the community as the one to call whenever it’s time for a fresh paint job.

“Cars and Coffee also provide me an opportunity to see our customers again, as many of the attendees use us to refresh their paint jobs,” continues Pohl. “I’m honored that our customers are so proud of our work, that they are eager to show it off with the community.”

The Central Illinois Cars and Coffee group hosts events monthly and has also coordinated its car shows with charitable organizations, hosting toy drives, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation and much more.