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Maaco Video Transcription

Dramatic musicCars and Stripes logo appears on screen with slogan "Repairing vehicles. Restoring pride. Revealing gratitude."
Music continuesText appears: "The Best of Cars and Stripes"
Music continuesTransition to Maaco and Meineke logos and text "Watch how we worked to restore a vehicle for a deserving veteran." Screen then fades to black.
New, more upbeat music beginsRolling shots of Meineke and Maaco centers, and black truck pulling into Meineke mechanic bay
Veteran motorcycle rider #1: "Working in a collaboration to make this work is great. It's an amazing looking truck, and with everybody working together to make one thing happen for one guy that really needs it."Maaco technician shown sanding rear quarter panel of truck. Veteran motorcycle rider #1 shown being interviewed. Second Maaco technician shown tapping out body damage on hood of truck.
Maaco franchisee: "We brought the vehicle into our shop, we're going to make sure everything is okay with it and it's 100% up to par, ready to drive and our technicians are just making sure it's ready to go."Maaco technicians shown prepping and painting truck body panels white. Maaco franchisee shown during interview.
Music continuesVeteran shown shaking hands with Meineke owner and Meineke technicians shown checking engine bay
Maaco employee: "Anything we can do to reach out and help somebody that's in need, it touches you in the heart."Maaco employee shown during interview, getting in paint suit and beginning to paint the truck
Music continuesMore shots of technicians working on vehicle, fades to shot of veteran and his family standing next to truck
Maaco franchisee: "This is a worthwhile project. Veterans out there everyday have enough problems."Maaco franchisee shown during interview in his office
Maaco franchisee: "Last car of the day is going to be a very fun car for us. We're going to look at the body work, we're going to purchase any parts we need and write up all the dents and dings. If you see something else we missed, let me know. Let's get it fixed right, this is for a great project."Maaco franchisee shown speaking to his staff. Shows estimator evaluating vehicle.
Veteran motorcycle rider #2: "If somebody was to be able to offer a combat veteran, or any veteran for that matter, a vehicle at no expense, that would help them out immensely."Scenes of truck shown in paint booth and after painting; veteran motorcycle rider #2 shown during interview.
Meineke franchisee #2: "It means a lot more to me knowing that I have family members that have served their country throughout the years."Meineke technicians shown working on truck on a lift. Scene moves to female Meineke franchisee during interview.
Maaco franchisee #2: "We have a special project this morning that is a Chevy Silverado that Meineke is going to be fixing up and giving away to a veteran. I want you guys to pay close, special attention to the vehicle and make sure this vehicle is ready for that veteran."Female Meineke franchisee shown speaking to staff members. Screen then fades to black.
Maaco franchisee #1: "So our crew's had a lot of fun working on this truck, we really hope he enjoys it. It's been a challenge for us, it's been a lot of fun. And we look forward to seeing him ride around in his truck for many years to come."New scene showing female Meineke franchisee and staff with truck, and then new scene of Maaco franchisee and staff with truck after being painted white. Next scene shows veteran and his family checking out the truck interior and exterior.
Music continuesMore scenes of veteran with his child and wife looking at truck
Veteran and his wife: "Thank you Maaco and Meineke."Veteran, his wife and small child on his shoulders shown in front of vehicle
Veteran motorcycle rider #1: "I want to thank Maaco and Meineke for making this all happen for this young veteran."Veteran motorcycle rider #1 shown again during latter half of his interview. Moves to scene with Maaco and Meineke corporate brand presidents giving each other a high five.
Music continuesCars and Stripes logo re-appears, then fades to black screen.